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The wherry.com domain resides on a Linux server (as of this writing, it's running the Fedora 7 flavor of the operating system). It's running Version 2 of the Apache HTTP server. The photo at left was about three servers ago; now it's running on a small, fast, rack-mounted PC.

The system is currently connected to the Internet via a 100-megabit Ethernet connection in a commercial data center.

At home, Internet access is delivered via cable modem and a T1 line. The home network has gotten progressively more complex over the years; it now consists of several gigabit Ethernet segments plus the obligatory wireless access point. Virtual private networks to other sites provide secure connectivity for several specialized applications.

The wherry.com domain has existed since late 1995. The first connection was via PPP over a full-time dialup line. In 1998, the connection was via ISDN (128 Kbit/s). In 2000, the connection was once again migrated to a T1 line. In 2006, the mission-critical machines were moved to a data center environment.

This Web site has existed since 1996. Like many such small sites, it hasn't been updated extremely frequently. Significant changes were made in May 1997 and April 1999. As of August 2002, I'm beginning the process of revising the site to make it a bit more useful; in particular, I'm planning to make a much wider set of digital photos available online.

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